Here We Are!

Well, I've decided to create a blog designated just to my photography. I absolutely love my passion for photography. It all started when I got tired of taking my kids to the local mall, waiting in long lines, dealing with cranky kids that I was trying to keep in perfect condition, only to walk out with "okay" pictures (and an empty checkbook). I checked out every book in the library about photography and starting doing research wherever I could find information. I have never take a class although I would love to. I just figure that I can speak fluent Spanish and I've never taken a Spanish class, so I can learn photography without having a degree in it. The more I learn about photography, the more I learn that I have that much more to learn! Someone described it like learning to dance. At first, it's a bit overwhelming learning the steps and routines, but after a while, it will come more naturally. Let's dance baby!