One of the funnest parts of being a photographer is that there is never a dull moment. You can plan. You can study. You can be prepared. But in reality, you can never be completely prepared because each session is so completely different.... and fun! Almost every shoot I go on, there is guaranteed to be some sort of "outtake" that just makes me laugh. One of the things about me is that I give the family every picture I take (with a few exceptions - blurry, etc.). Because I give ALL the pictures, you can sometimes walk away with pictures like these:

These sweet little babies were just not going for my idea! :) Cheesing it up while blinking.
The "I don't want to do this!!!" face. Still so cute!

I think he was a bit scared when we put him up there. Not my brightest idea!

Um, I'm not sure. I think I asked him to make a funny face or something!?

Even when you think the photographer isn't looking and you're trying to be funny for your friends.
This doesn't do justice for how funny this moment was. She was pushing him on the swing and then tried to kiss him. It didn't work.
Again, they weren't going for my plan. Cute twin babies.

So cute! She just wanted to play around.
Show off.
Why is she so cute!?
It was a bit windy that day in Salt Lake.

I just laugh. Big brother was trying to hold little brother and they both just fell right over.

Maybe it was a bit too bright!?
Silly girl.