About Me

Hi.  I'm Julie.  I like long walks on the beach.....

Just kidding!!  I feel like I'm on a dating website or something!  Oh, and I do actually enjoy long walks on the beach, by the way!

Let's see.... I'm a mom to the five most beautiful children in the world.  They range in ages from 9 to 1.  I grew up in Salt Lake City, went to college and graduated with a degree in elementary education.  I met my hubby in Venezuela while serving an LDS mission.  We've been married for 10 years and still counting. 

While my older kiddos were younger, I was taking them to the mall to get their pictures taken.  It was such a stressful experience!  I tried my hardest to keep their hair looking just right, their clothes on (yes, on) and tried to keep them happy with snacks that weren't too messy or sticky.  Eventually we made it to the back room where an ornery photographer tried to get them to smile.  Our kids were a little overwhelmed and scared.  And guess what?  It reflected in their "I'm-trying-to-smile-but-this-person-is-really-scaring-me" smile.  I was taken to the little computer and told that I needed to order that day.  I walked out spending more money than I had anticipated for pictures that I didn't really like.

That was the last day I took them to the mall for pictures.  No more!!

I had always loved taking pictures.  It was such a passion of mine.  I decided to go and find out everything I possibly could to take better pictures of my kids.  I asked some friends (all of whom told me they didn't want to "train their competition").  It just made my desire that much stronger.  I went to the library and checked out every single book on photography.  Most of it didn't make sense to me - aperture what?  ISO?  Huh?   BUT... I kept reading and practicing and then practicing some more.  And guess what?  It worked!  I started taking better pictures of my kids and then before I knew it, people started asking me to take pictures for them.  For the first couple of years, I didn't even charge.  I just kept shooting and learning.

Eventually, I decided to get my business license as well as some more books on photography.  I certainly don't claim to know EVERYTHING about photography (if I ever stop learning something new, I'm getting out of the business!). 

After moving back to Utah (we lived in Oregon for a while), I continued taking pictures of people as well as teach a local photography class.  It was such a long road of learning for me, and I wanted to make it easier for others.

My main objection with taking pictures is to have fun.  We go, we set up a few shots and then we play!  I try to connect with each of my clients in a way that feels like they are family.  I want them to see their beautiful pictures and have a good memory attached to them.