Location Ideas

One of the first questions/concerns people have is where to get their pictures taken.   Here is a simple list of ideas.  We can shoot at one of these locations or a place of your picking.  ** Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the front page, you will see a list of "Labels".  You will see many of these locations in this area and you can see examples of the location.

* American Fork Amphitheater - large rock amphitheater, big grassy area, some flowers, big trees.  Great location for large groups.

* American Fork Canyon (or any canyon) - lots of great bridges, outdoors, pretty in the fall.  Great for small to medium sized groups.  Additional canyon entrance fee.

* Lone Peak Pond, Highland.  Fun for families to feed the ducks.  Small bridges, lots of grassy areas with foliage.  Big pond.  Small Amphitheater.

* Wheeler Farm - fun in the summer and fall.  Big, open grassy fields as well as weed fields.  Some bridges. 

* Lehi Railroad Tracks - railroads and tracks, beautiful architectural walls (rock walls, wood, stone, etc.).  They just changed some of their requirements and therefore some businesses now require an additional fee to shoot in front of or near their buildings. 

* Heritage Park in Cedar Hills - really fun and popular photography location.  Two small bridges, lots of trees, small creek.

* Utah State Hospital (Provo) - additional fees required.  Pretty orchards, open fields, pond and rock stairs.  Also includes an amphitheater.  Must call in advance to secure a pass.

* Brigham Young Historic Park (SLC, across the street from Temple Square).  Two parks, actually.  Pretty flowers and open field.  Some bridges.

* Memory Grove (SLC) - pretty, open grassy areas, bridges.

* Provo Canyon - pretty, open grassy areas, bridges, pretty in the fall.

Really, any place would work.  We can take your pictures in your own backyard, if that is what you want.  We can also stop on the side of the road.  :)  Some people are willing to let us use their orchards or private lands.