Some Tips

How do you get the most from your session?

* First, get enough sleep!  I have always disliked my bridal pictures (yes, from 10 years ago) because it was so early in the morning and I had bags under my eyes!   

* You can stress all you want beforehand, but once you arrive at the location, HAVE FUN!  If you stress, your family will stress and it won't be any fun for anyone!

* Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't perfect!  Especially if you have young children, just go with it.  Embrace this time of your life.  I have a huge picture hanging on our wall - one kid is crying, the other is sticking out her tongue, one is not even looking at the camera, and my husband and I look near perfect!  I display that picture proudly because that is my family! 

*  If you are trying to decide on what to wear, just google, "what to wear for family pictures."  Look at the images and it will give you some ideas.  My main advice is to go with a color palate.  For our personal family pictures, we chose turqoise, brown and white one year.  Another year we chose brown and white with jeans.  You don't have to be matchy-matchy, but if you stick to the same palate, you'll be good. 

* Be sure to have everyone fed.  Babies, dads, moms and all children.  A full tummy usually means a happy family.

* If you have ideas, bring 'em!  I love trying new things!  If your family has always done a pyramid, then by golly, we'll make a pyramid!